The SeXXXy Unicorn

The SeXXXy Unicorn Sewing Club

Learn to Sew SeXXXy with Stretch Couture

Sonya Z. Phillips

Fashion Designer and Sewing Instructor

Learn to Make and Customize


-Exotic Dancewear


-SeXXXy Clothing

$69 Monthly Subscription Includes

40 Minute Group Sewing Lesson (Virtual)

Private Facebook Group to connect with other members of the Sew SeXXXy Community

Access to the Sew SeXXXy Business Resource Directory

Your Business Listing in the Business Resource Directory

Business Development Resources

Showcase your designs at private SeXXXy Unicorn Events

Featured on the SeXXXy Unicorn Social Media Pages

Featured on the SeXXXy Sista Circle Podcast 

10% Discount on Sew SeXXXy Private Sewing Lessons

*You must know how to use your sewing machine prior to class.

I have designed and sewn swimwear and exotic dancewear for over 25 years. I am willing to teach you everything I know.  Now it's time for you to do more than's time for you to Sew SeXXXy!!!

With Sew SeXXXy....

~You will gain confidence in your sewing skills.

~You will learn a sewing skill that can earn extra money and possibly allow you to start your own business.

~You will learn to save money by repairing or altering old clothes to extend the life of them.

~You will learn to make every day items sexy.

~You will have the freedom to create.

~You will connect with others that share your passion for design.

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Sonya Z. Phillips

What is a SeXXXy Unicorn???​

She is a professional woman that embraces her SeXXXy Side.  Just like unicorns women are magical, unique and a little horny.  Ladies hold your head and your horn up high.

SeXXXy is a State of Mind...Embrace Your SeXXXy Side!!!

This is a place for women to connect, network and learn to sew sexy things.

SeXXXy Unicorns Don't Compete

We All Eat

We Collaborate and Elevate!!!

Ladies get your SeXXXy back that may have been lost in careers, motherhood, relationships, depression, low self esteem, judgements from society and many other ways. Connect with your Inner SeXXXy Self and build relationships with others along your journey.

Psalm 139:14

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

We can be SeXXXy and Spiritual, Saved, Sophisticated, Sincere...a Wife, a Mother, a Daughter, a Friend and most of all loved by God...which means we must love ourselves unconditionally.

Our message is that you can be sexy even if you aren't having sex...but if you want to have you boo... that is ok too, because there is NO JUDGEMENT here.​

A SeXXXy Space for Your SeXXXy Face

You reap what you sow...sooooooo dont just sew, Sew SeXXXy.